Hello, welcome to IE, what can we help you with? 

We want to help your organisation’s people perform better – whether you are a school, a business, a college, a charity or an individual – our aim is to make you feel better motivated, better skilled and more energised.

Innovative Enterprise, or IE as we call ourselves, was started in 2006 by Andrew ‘Bernie’ Bernard after he’d done 17 years in the wrong jobs. We were set up to do one main thing for you and your people: “Bring the Future to Life”!  Since starting out, we’ve supported over 160,000 people in organisations just like yours – in schools, businesses, charities, with teachers and a host of other partners.

Below are the members of the key team – we work with a host of professional associates where specific skills are required. Interested in working with us? Need help with something but can’t see it listed? Get in touch!

In 2020 the world underwent a shift, and so did we. We now deliver a number of our talks and workshop sessions virtually – using whichever online platform your setting uses – with downloadable content, back up materials and staff instructions. The workshops that WE deliver have also been adapted to allow for social distancing and to make sure we work to keep your staff and students safe – according to the guidelines you’ve applied in your setting. We are also developing an online repository of subscription-based sessions based on our most popular workshops.

Meet The Team: