Alongside our work with education, we support businesses and charity organisations to develop teams, innovation and creativity. We can help your team members to work together in harmony, equity and empathy by delivering workshops with a range of effective and fun activities. The majority of our sessions can be delivered remotely as well as face to face and all are adaptable to your organisation’s safety plans. 

Since we started in 2005, we’ve developed a range of support for businesses and organisations, please see below and get in touch and let us support you and your staff.

Workshop and Resource Design

Does your business need support or creative input when working with your staff, customers or other stakeholders – maybe a challenge, some training and development or a fundraiser?

That’s where we can help! Our skills in developing business training, leadership and team development or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities like those described above have helped businesses support their wider stakeholders for many years. Please have a look at the workshops outlined below – remember we can design anything you can imagine for your needs – just get in touch.

Innovative Enterprise, CSR, Business and Young People.

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