As your organisation develops, whether you are well-established organisation or just starting out, growing or changing direction – your people are your greatest asset. In order to get the most from your organisation and help engage and develop your staff team it’s essential to involve everyone in your strategic planning and / or teambuilding.  

High Performance teams come from High Performance Culture. Because culture underpins everything your organisation does, it’s essential to actively build and direct that culture purposely – without purpose-driven culture, the people of your organisation will either feel bereft of direction or /and create the culture that suits them.

“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept” David Morrison Chief of Australian Army 2011/15.

Role Modelling the behaviours you want to see is essential from everyone in the organisation and high performance is a series of small actions that build towards a consistent and overall feeling of excellence.

LAUNCH is a powerful and flexible toolkit that enables your team to work towards a successful outcome and challenge one another to be better – better than they were yesterday, better than the competition and better that you could have hoped for.

Leadership – is a series of actions not a title.

Attitude – conscious or unconscious? either way it affects how your team performs every minute of every day.

Understanding – ourselves, each other and the mission of the organisation.

Noise – amplifying the good and managing the rest.

Culture – build it or it builds itself.

Habits – are your teams’ habits positive and healthy or do they need a health-check?

Teams are taken through a series of face to face or virtual tasks – supported by materials / tools sent in advance or emailed and printed off in advance – which challenge, open debate and create an environment for meaningful development to take place. Please see below for some feedback on our sessions with businesses and organisations. Virtual sessions will also include the use of hands-on resources if attendees are in groups and / or Menti questionnaires to gather live feedback and opinions.

Laurie Smith, Director Lancashire Forum Creative Think Tank, University of Central Lancashire – “Just a line to say thanks for Tuesday’s LAUNCH Yourself development session. It was very well received by the audience and all the feedback we got (just about every delegate responded) was either ‘very valuable’ or ‘valuable'”.

Rachelle Le Corre, Ashburton Investment Group “Both events attracted outstanding feedback from staff, participants and clients. Our senior leadership team, who were co-incidentally in Jersey and joined us throughout the day, have been extremely complimentary about the event and have even enquired about rolling the concept our to our wider business.”

Al Wilson, Centre for Leadership Performance, Cumbria – “In our team meeting yesterday we had a quick review of last Friday’s Dream Placement Celebration Event and decided it was brilliant – great audience, great venue, great structure and discussion and a great atmosphere. We really appreciate the job you did [as panel host] and the slick, professional, flexible, informed and humorous way you handled the dialogue and debate”.

Gill -Sefton EBP – “We wanted to re-invigorate our team and prepare people from the challenges of the next year…today has helped staff look at their personal Leadership Skills and qualities…coping with changes to the business”. Innovative Enterprise helped with planning the year ahead and the busy schedules of all the staff and their roles by delivering their LAUNCH Strategic Planning workshop with the Sefton EBP Team. “It’s good for the Team – including the leadership team – to work ON the business rather than just IN the business and to get involved with the team and show we are part of the team going forward”.

Here’s Gill Ditchburn from Sefton EBP speaking about our LAUNCH strategic workshop.

LAUNCH for Business from Andrew Bernard on Vimeo.