Eco-Fish is a fun, active workshop tool and resource that incorporates a game and a leadership toolkit. Designed around the sustainability of sea-fish – particularly North Atlantic Cod – it pits teams together to decide how they, as a community AND a team coordinate efforts to all sustainably manage a finite and delicately balanced resource. Teams have to take on specific roles in leadership and influence as they work to survive and help the population to thrive too!

Skills tested and explored are:



-Risk v Responsibility




“We covered communication, leadership style, decision making, justification, critical analysis – which are all major points when taking groups out canoeing, climbing, walking, orienteering, the activities we do through our course. All of them had been used by all of us, in so many different ways throughout the Leadership and Risk Management workshop with Eco-Fish. I now understand just how many different ways there are to communicate with others, how to lead, how much one decision and the justification behind it can effect the thoughts and decisions of others.” Jack Howard, Kendal College.

Guest Blog by Steve Randles about how Eco-Fish helped develop leadership at Kendal College.


EcoFish Showreel