Bernie Bernard
Bernie Bernard

Hello, I’m Bernie and my job is to help you inspire, motivate, inform and entertain your people – be they students, delegates or staff through CPD sessions, keynotes and workshops. Like most of us, I’ve had great experiences and also some tough times – both me and members of my family – so some of my talks include these experiences, but it’s not all tough stuff! I talk about challenging subjects in an engaging, inspiring and humorous way and the talks are all made relevant to you and your audience through a process of discussion and tailoring so you can be sure that you get what you need for your event, school, INSET session, business conference or charity event. Here are some videos of my sessions.

What do people say? Please see the feedback page which summarises some of the things people have said about what we do…I mean, I know we do a good job but it’s great to hear from clients and audience members about the way our workshops or my talks have made them feel. 

Two of the workshops I deliver – Life By The Balls and Domestic Violence: Sarah’s Legacy – are based on family experiences and designed to create talking points around men’s health and coercive control and abuse in exploring relationships. The new sessions on Empathy Lightbulbs and What Makes a Man? are squarely aimed at helping young people to develop better relationships, build helpful masculinity, challenge sexism and misogyny and build equality and respect between the sexes. It is especially important to discuss different forms of masculinity as we’ve seen a rise in misogyny  fuelled by online influencers like Andrew Tate and other ‘relationship gurus’.

I was fortunate to be asked to deliver a talk at TEDxWhitehaven and I took the chance to summarise our experience of working with companies and young people since we started –  the talk was entitled Engineering Random Opportunities to Succeed and can be seen here.  The thinking and ideas behind the TEDx talk went on to become my book from Crown House, The Ladder. There is a student workshop based on the tools and tips in the book – see Build Your Ladder here.
I’m also honoured to be one of the Directors of National Careers Week – the UK’s biggest celebration of Careers and Futures and since 2014 I’m delighted to have been awarded the role of Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK and Ireland

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