Since we started Innovative Enterprise in 2006 we have been very clear about the values we work to and why.

“Bringing the future to life”  and “be who you needed when you were younger” are the missions we started with and which we continue to work towards when designing, developing and delivering our workshops and resources and supporting others to work with young people and people in organisations.
These missions are only possible if we look at trying to level the playing-field for all. Regardless of class, age, gender or ability we want to support people to develop their skills as well as opportunities. We have built our work around the principles of enterprise education, equality, empathy, healthy relationships, leadership and kindness and deliver our work through powerful partnerships and support from charities, organisations, business and corporate customers and CICs.
Our Corporate and Charity Clients can be seen here. 
We deliver our main Enterprise workshop and invention, Enterprise Soapbox with partners The Inspirational Learning Group.
For more than a dozen years we have designed and created brilliant content with manufacturers in partnership with The Manufacturing Institute as part of their MAKE IT in Manufacturing initiative. So Far in the UK and UAE we have worked with more than 65,000 young people to develop their awareness of manufacturing as a brilliant career path and as place where their skills and abilities will be well-rewarded.
Latterly our focus has turned towards building better relationships and through developing expertise in equality, empathy, coercive control and relationship abuse we can help people form better relationships, understand the dynamics behind controlling and unhealthy relationships and help men to act as allies to improve equality in the workplace.
As a Director of National Careers Week and Green Careers Week Bernie is heavily involved in the day-to-day activities involved with delivering solutions in partnership with organisation such as NatWest, WorldSkillsUK, STEM UK, UK SpaceAgency and the NHS to help schools support young people in their future aspirations.
Our current values and guidance for our enterprise and career development activity is enshrined neatly in Dr Tony Wagner’s research for the Learning Policy Institute and the Seven Key Skills for the future he has unearthed through his work with leading entrepreneurs and leaders in a variety of industries. This research has been taken up by the Word Economic Forum as a keystone of their future focus for young people globally…if it’s good enough for the WEF, it’s good enough for us!
The Seven Skills have been built into the core of Bernie’s book – The Ladder: supporting students towards successful futures and confident career choices – published by Crown House in 2021. More info HERE.


In late 2023, Bernie is working on another book provisionally entitled Where Are The Men? which will look at the role men and boys play in creating a more equal, safe and supported role for women in society and work.