Since we started Innovative Enterprise in 2006 we have been very clear about the values we work to and why.

“Bringing the future to life”  was the mission we started with and which we continue to work towards when designing, developing and delivering our workshops and resources and supporting others to work with young people.
First we built our work around the principles of Enterprise Education laid out by Sir Howard Davies in the early 2000s and since then we have kept pace with Careers and Enterprise developments from Lord Young and his Enterprise For All report for the 2014 Coalition Government. We met with Lord Young in 2015 to discuss work on an Enterprise Passport.
Our current Values and guidance for our enterprise and career development activity is enshrined neatly in Dr Tony Wagner’s research for the Learning Policy Institute and the Seven Key Skills for the future he has unearthed through his work with leading entrepreneurs and leaders in a variety of industries. This research has been taken up by the Word Economic Forum as a keystone of their future focus for young people globally…if it’s good enough for the WEF, it’s good enough for us!
The Seven Skills have been built into the core of Bernie’s book – The Ladder: supporting students towards successful futures and confident career choices – published by Crown House in 2021. More info HERE.
Please see the graphics below and feel free to copy and share them in your school or college. 

Visiting Number 10 to meet with Lord Young. 

Speaking alongside Lord Young at the CEC Joining The Dots Conference, Liverpool, May 2017.