About me – I, Bernie, or Andrew Bernard to my mum, was an underachiever at school, I left with an E and a U at A level from a Grammar school and this changed my life…after wallowing in disappointment for a while I decided to make a change and went away to college in North Wales.

After a successful three years and a Distinction in HND in Business and Finance I went on to work at Management levels in Unilever, a Professional Construction firm, then Salford and Lancaster Universities and did a Degree and teaching qualification part time. Still feeling I was missing something I did a fire walk at 38 years old and decided I wanted to work with young people and ‘be the person I needed when I was younger’.

Now many years on I’ve delivered more than 2,000 workshops and talks internationally, worked with 165,000 people, am a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, TEDx Speaker and entrepreneur. I’ve worked and spoken internationally in the UK, Europe and the UAE and I bring passion and enthusiasm to your event as a speaker, MC or facilitator.

The Ladder, my book was published in February 2021 by Crown House. You can see more here on the Author page.

Here’s the TEDxWhitehaven talk I gave in September 2016 – Engineering Random Opportunities to Succeed which formed the ideas and concepts behind The Ladder. 





Bernie’s Showreel



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