If you’re looking for some inspiration for your work team, students or colleagues…perhaps some health education for your organisation or whether you’d just like to find out more about what it’s like to go through Chemotherapy then this workshop is for you!

In 1988 my life was interrupted with an Orcidechtomy. This was followed by 6 months of Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and 12 years of follow up appointments with the Oncology department at Christie’s Hospital in Manchester.


Well, the medical world sometimes sounds like a bit of a mystery…So here’s what happened: in 1988, at 22, I got cancer, TESTICULAR CANCER to be exact.  My right testicle was removed, I had loads of horrible drugs and treatment and learned to live with a bald head, no eyebrows and the ability to throw up at will!

This is my story, what happened beforehand, what happened during the treatment, what’s happened afterwards and why it’s ok to talk about balls. Because more than 2,200 men a year get diagnosed with testicular cancer it is ok to talk about cancer.  In fact it’s essential!

  • Can you still achieve your dreams after cancer?
  • Can you still have children with only one testicle?
  • Is it Ok to feel your balls?

YES, YES and YES! Find out in this emotional and inspirational keynote, PSHE / SMSC workshop and leave with a load of knowledge, a fresh outlook and some tools on how to make the most out of your life.


We delivered our Life By The Balls session to 120 Yr 13 students on 26 February 2014 at Woodbridge High School, London. Afterwards the Deputy Head Talvin Depula of the School said that it was the ‘best Year 13 enrichment workshop we’ve ever had”

“Dear Bernie.  Life By The Balls was fab thanks. Students and staff were all buzzing about it throughout the day. Hope you have not got a sore throat from talking all day long to.over 1140 students 35 teachers!

I am really.pleased that you found us hospitable!”

Fran Edwards, Alperton School

“Bernie, thank you for the awesome assembly on cancer. It was extremely informative and useful for me, but it did make me feel a bit quesy”

Year 8 student.

NEWSFLASH: Life By The Balls is now available as an online keynote and teacher development session with a set of workshop materials for your students’ #PSHE and motivation needs. An annual license means you can show the film as many times as you wish.

Bernie talking Balls: Testicular cancer, adoption and career plans!

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