Going back to (my old) school.

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It was an absolute pleasure to return to Aylesbury Grammar School (AGS) on 4th March 2024 and speak to Year 9 and the entire Sixth Form.

In what was my sixth return to my Alma Mater I delivered two of the most popular sessions to the boys at the school:

Year 9 – LAUNCH Yourself about careers, focus, self-motivation and planning ahead (to avoid the results I got in my worst ever school years, an E and a U at A Level)

Sixth Form – the 360 students of the L6 and U6 learned how to live Life By The Balls in my session about Testicular Cancer, self-care, taking responsibility and coming through the worst of times.

It’s always a powerful reflection for me to return to the school that I had made my enemy as a teenager – someone so filled with anger and aggression that I took it out on everyone around me. Dominance-based masculinity was – I now see – the way I viewed the world. Through my spite-tinted spectacles I flailed around angrily shouting ‘it’s not fair’ when in reality I was dealing with a number of complicated emotions that I wasn’t capable of seeing, let alone understanding.

The great thing about time is that it allows you to reflect on matters that you didn’t previously understand…since being aware that corporate life was slowly pushing me to stress and depression and then deciding to do something about it, we’ve helped tens of thousands of young people in hundreds of schools and colleges to see what their future *could* hold for them and how to make a start to taking hold of their journey.

Thanks to Gurdeep Singh and Lilla Venning at AGS for your continued faith in me and my abilities to inspire your students.

SUGGESTION: go back to YOUR school, see what good you can do and what insights you can share – it matters. A lot, and not just for the students.

Article in Old Aylesburians alumni association newsletter.