Building on our successful LAUNCH workshop, Reflection, Assertiveness and Resilience develops participants’ skills in self-development, caring for themselves and finding and nurturing their purpose.

Designed for Leaders, SME and Corporate Directors, Students and the self-employed, Reflection, Assertiveness and Resilience facilitates a Keynote, full or half day of reflection and personal skill development.




Bernie shares a couple of stories from his life and career journey and his top tips for finding your purpose and passions.

Following on from these insights and a couple of exercises, you will play Resilience Roulette with a big dice and take on six different lessons in resilience which will include activities, discussions and some resolutions.

You’ll work in mixed groups and challenge some of your ideas, behaviours and attitudes as well as making some connections that will help everyone.

Some of the Resilience skills you will develop include:

  • Uncovering your sense of Purpose
  • Becoming more decisive
  • Taking care of yourself and others


Here’s what participants thought of the event we ran at UCLan in May thought of the Session, with 100% saying the session was either Valuable or Very Valuable!

60% said the workshop was Very Valuable

40% said they found the workshop Valuable.

What did you take from the session?:


“The personal stories were great and helped me visualise the meaning”

“I’ll be happier and more resilient – less stress and more time with the family”
“I’m more clear about my future and how to shape it”
“I’ll be more decisive”
“I’ve learned the importance of Purpose and not letting things drift”.
“It will encourage me to make changes where needed”
“Really interesting session, thank you”
“Useful models for thinking about where I am and how to move forward”