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Work on Leadership and Influence
Develop your team and support local young people
Increase creativity and innovation


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We have designed a fantastic workshop session to inspire your staff teams and colleagues to grow their expertise in leadership and innovation whilst – optionally – supporting schools and young people close to your group / organisation.
Hosted at your venue, or in a school local to your group or business, Corporate Soapbox takes your participants through the creation of a brand new cosmetic product in around 3 hours – in mixed teams of adults and young people. 
The mutually-beneficial experience helps your teams understand innovation processes, modern leadership and challenges your team to work in unfamiliar circumstances alongside team members with different motivations! By choosing the school / education option you can also support the career aspirations of young people. 


Linked to the 7 Skills the Future Demands (Tony Wagner) the session stretches everyone involved through the process:
  • Job choice
  • Customer assessment
  • Development of concept
  • Manufacturing of product(s) 
  • Branding and marketing creation
  • Costing and pricing
  • Logistics and, finally,
  • Pitching



What do you learn from Corporate Soapbox?





Of participants used Initiative and Entrepreneurship


Used Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


Used Agility and Adaptability


Used Curiosity and Imagination





“If we came across a problem we worked around it”

“It was good to work together and take control of certain aspects of the process; it was fun to go into the depth of each of the business processes to make a product”. 

“We had to use our initiative to make the product work at the last minute”.

“I collaborated with people I don’t usually work with; I adapted to work with people as a team”.