What Lies Ahead…?

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Autumn is upon us…how did that happen so quickly? Clocks back, sunshine in shorter supply and falling leaves.

On the upside, longer shadows, beautiful sunsets, autumnal colours and getting the jumpers out.

What’s on the cards for the next few weeks? There are a number of events and initiatives which you can tap into for PSHE and RSE as well as Enterprise and Careers inspiration:

National Adoption Week is 18thto the 23rdOctober 2021 and can offer really valuable opportunities to discuss different families, how people can come to be adopted and the importance of considering adoption. A great topic for #PSHE.

#DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth is October 2021 and is a crucial element of #RSE and #PSHE. If handled sensitively, the topic is a revealing and powerful exploration of relationships, coercive control and the prevalence of violence against women and girls. Whilst the vast majority of perpetrators are men – in male/female and same-sex relationships – it is important to discuss female perpetrators of DA and DV too.

We’ve expanded our talks on domestic violence and abuse to cover coercive control, misogyny and the rise of incel ideology.

 GEW – Global Entrepreneurship Week is the 8thto the 14thof November and, as ever, gives you the chance to explore enterprise and entrepreneurship and the importance of considering start-up businesses as a future solution to employment and income for your students.

This is where IE started our work and we have a couple of dates available for #GEW2021 sessions at your school. All the workshops and resources available through our website can be found here:



 Featured Resource: Your Enterprise Alphabet Cards.

How did the YEA Cards come about? Put the kettle on and have a look at our 3 minute film about how the YEA Cards came to life, how you can use them and what your team, students and staff can get from using them.

They’re here and have £10 off for a limited time: https://innovativeenterprise.co.uk/product/your-enterprise-alphabet-yea-cards/

Trouble Down Below?

Last week was Orchid Cancer Care’s Male Cancer Awareness Week and as I am a Testicular Cancer survivor I support Orchid in sharing the message about looking after your ‘bits downstairs’ through my talk and workshop ‘Life By The Balls’ which is designed as a one-hour assembly / PSHE session for any age group. In fact we delivered a carousel session with EVERY ONE of the 1,400 students at Alperton Community School (where the 2018 Global Teacher of the year works no less). If you’re looking for someone to tell their inspiring (and funny, and informative) talk about problems with their ‘boy-bits’ then get in touch. The webpage is here:


Please remember to get in touch if we can help you in any way.