Year 11: Class of 2021, after the Assessments.

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Careers, Confidence, Creativity.

I saw an article in Schools Week last week which showed that Year 11 may have to remain in school until the end of June 2021 in schools in England and Wales…reflecting the DfE guidance which was updated on 6thApril.

Selected parts of the article are highlighted below and the link to the full article is here:

The article shows that there is an expectation that due to the enforced changes caused by the pandemic and because Year 11s have had their Key Stage 4 interrupted hugely that schools should extend the active academic year past the traditional ‘study leave and exam period’.  The guidance says that “schools should make appropriate judgements on the activities for their own pupils.”

The article continues to refer to the guidance, which states “we know that this year, many schools will already have plans in place for the last half of the summer term to support their current pupils. We strongly encourage all schools to maximise opportunities that meet the progression needs of their students during this period”.

The guidance continues: “schools should also provide support to students around their training and pastoral needs [and] they should provide career advice and support the “mental health and wellbeing of all students progressing to further study or employment.”

OK, maybe your school will be suggesting your students stay in school and you’ll put on some enrichment activities, maybe you’ll permit self-directed learning or maybe you’ll look outside for providers to help while you focus on Year 10 and Key Stage 3?

We can help.

The key requirements for Year 11s are likely to fall into three areas:

  • Careers
  • Confidence
  • Creativity

We can help in all three areas through workshops, or face to face and virtual sessions and keynotes and our suite of resources.

Careers: based on my experiences over the past 15 years, The Ladder is my recently-published book which contains a number of ideas and resources you to use to support your young people.

I’ve created a half-day workshop for Year 10 and 11s called Bring Your Ladder which applies the tools in the book alongside a number of stories and ideas to help your students as they move forwards with their lives…whether they go to sixth form, college or apprenticeships. The sessions will allow self-reflection and an appreciation of skills and abilities and how to express them. This will help with the next phase and build awareness and pride in each person’s achievements.

The Ladder can be purchased via the links on this page:

The LAUNCH Yourself workshop sessions as a face to face or pre-recorded set of videos will allow you to support your students for a year with one subscription. There are no limits on the number of times you can display the films and the 11 professionally recorded videos are all short, positive and motivational with a set of linked resources. Ideal for KS3 and KS4 so somewhat of a bargain!

Here’s the link to the page and a sample film:

Confidence: we’ve delivered sessions to 150,000 young people in the past 15 years so we know what works to develop confidence in young people. Our workshop sessions – especially Stock Market Challenge and Enterprise Soapbox sessions are half or full day sessions of immersive activity built around teamwork and following a range of roles and responsibilities which either lead to successful investments or the development of a range of new real products.

Workshop outlines are here, please ask for a quote based on your precise needs:

Creativity: The Enterprise Soapbox and DWELL Sessions both allow bags of creativity and self-expression. As mentioned Enterprise Soapbox includes a baseline of creativity mixed with teamwork and business-development as teams work together to develop and present their own real branded and costed products.

DWELL is a workshop based on the idea that we currently have a once-in-a-generation chance to change the way our cities function, how we work and how we can tackle homelessness through creative thinking and the re-use of empty retail and office spaces – which will increase in the post-covid landscape and ever-increasing house and office rents.

The workshop asks students to apply their design ideas and dreams to inform the way they want cities to function in the future, as a socially-supportive eco-system designed to help people not just profit.

Here’s DWELL:

Clearly these ideas aren’t just for Year 11, but if you need to focus on your other year groups but want assistance supporting your Class of 2021, we’ve been doing this for a long time and we’d be delighted to help you and your students.

Have a look at the feedback session for testimonials.