Last week of 30% off and 5 Star reviews.

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I wrote The Ladder to help schools involve future thinking into every subject.

I wrote The Ladder to help teacher support young people’s understanding of their skills and how to express them confidently.

I wrote The Ladder to help businesses, governors and parents understand how they can support the young people in their community and why they should.

Seems like people are enjoying it, judging by the Amazon reviews:

PB: This book is essential for anyone wanting to positively impact young people and their future (careers education).It is an easy read, realistic and full of pick up and ‘play’ ideas for the classroom or INSET activities”.

JG: I wish I had this book when I was 14-25. I’d have actually had some form of thought process in place to handle most the stuff I was going through back then. My career may be slightly different, but my understanding of why would be massively different and both would probably be more enjoyable too…” 

JH: Love the book; definitely worth reading! It is a really honest, reflective and seriously useful book for education as a whole, careers leaders and parents”.

If you buy the book before the 31stMarch on Crown House you’ll get 30% off, free P&P and a glossy full colour A3 print of the CASK – the Continuum for the Acquisition of Skills and Knowledge – for free.

The link to the book on the Crown House site is here and the 30% off code is SPRING30.

Just a reminder, if you’re buying multiple copies for your team or for your MAT, I’m offering free CPD for 20 copies or more purchased. Also until the end of March 2021.


As I mention in the book, Booker T. Washington said “those who are happiest are those who do the most for others”.

Will you join me in supporting young people with their future careers?



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