The gentle art of persuasion.

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Are some of your students in need of a boost?

Do the usual suspects need a gentle shove?

Do some of them really need a rocket?

OK, we can help.

I’m not talking about Shock and Awe or a SCUD missile or even WMDs being rained down on them, no I’m talking more of a BOOSTER rocket or a bright sparkly firework to inspire them and for them to follow and emulate.

Have a think back to what you were like as a teenager – 13, 14, 15 even post-16 – and how you would have behaved if you couldn’t see your friends, didn’t get to assume the role you’d created within your peer group, unable to get involved with the sports and clubs you loved and had to sit for hours at home being taught through a screen. How would you have coped in a lockdown being schooled from home?

I know that I, for one, would have hated it and my attention and behaviour towards it would have been less then optimum…there’d definitely be a blank screen on my computer rather than a keen 14 year-old beaming in from behind my swooping guttered fringe.

LAUNCH was created in 2014 after a client asked me to put something together for the ‘capable but lazy’ / ‘could do, but can’t be bothered’ and ‘largely disengaged’ groups of Year 10s and 11s at their school and since then it’s been finessed and adapted to be a workshop that covers the arc of travel and transition between exams-years and the next 15 or 20 years ahead.

LAUNCH Yourself is now a series of videos which will help all of your students to see the bigger picture, help them to link what they are doing now explicitly to where they are aiming for in 10 years – and if they don’t yet know where they’re aiming, it will help that too.

The 10 films – including one teacher-preparation film – are designed systematically to help reflect on themselves, look at where they are, where they’re headed and what THEY can do to support the achievement of their aims. The films are suitable for KS3 and KS4, sixth form and above and will help the attitude and thinking of all Secondary students as they look towards their futures.

The main element we want to change with the LAUNCH programme is attitude, because, as Antoine de Saint-Exupery said in The Little Prince: “attitude is like a paintbrush, it colours everything” so we want to inspire those attitudes and hopefully, help everything for you and your students and their futures.

Here is the web page for LAUNCH for further information and a video insight into what it’s about:

If you would like the access code to watch this student introduction and sample of the programme then please contact us through the contact form here with LAUNCH Password as the title: 

The annual subscription (which permits limitless plays of the films) of this programme is being kept at below half price at £395 whilst the lockdown continues and schools need to keep teaching virtually or in a blended way.

Whatever kind of rocket your students need, we’re sure that LAUNCH can help you provide it.