Be who you needed when you were younger.

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Be who you needed when you were younger.

It has to be said that school isn’t for everyone and whether we like it or not, some students really struggle. Whether they struggle due to their family circumstances, their challenging adolescence, a learning or social difficulty or something more sinister such as abuse, racism or violence, it’s the duty of an adult to support those young people.

Parents, carers, guardians and family members aren’t always able to provide for the best interests of the young person and if someone’s home life isn’t a happy or safe place, then school or college may be their only place of safety.

Because we only see the side of the person they choose to show, (or the side of the person they bring to school), then accessing the way that young person feels on a day to day basis isn’t always easy as an educator.

I’m trying to be less driven to find out WHY a person does something in one of our sessions, I’m more interested in helping them to express themselves in an appropriate and positive way. I’ll give some examples:

  • Is it possible that I didn’t express myself clearly enough?
  • Is it possible that they were distracted by someone or something as I was speaking?
  • Is it possible that they genuinely ‘don’t know’ what I’m asking them rather than resorting to habit and type?
  • Could I do a better explanation or use a better example to help them to follow what it is I’m asking for?

In essence, I’m trying to give young people more of my patience and kindness rather than my search for a ‘right’ answer. I’m also trying to be less judgemental of the presenting behaviours and more understanding of what those behaviours might mean.


Who could you listen to more, better, differently?


Who could you show your caring and interested side to?


How could you be the person you needed when you were younger?





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