A visit to Number 10 – an update.

You will likely remember a visit I (Bernie) made to Number 10 Downing Street after I sent a text to Lord Young? Well it’s here if you’ve not seen it.

Following on from the visit- where we discussed an idea for a digital Enterprise passport – we’ve kept up to date with Lord Young and the Careers and Enterprise Company he kick-started a couple of years ago.

Last week on 11th May, the Joining The Dots Conference was help in Liverpool to launch the Careers and Enterprise Fund beneficiaries in the North and to promote networking between Enterprise Advisors and fund beneficiaries to make sure the dots were connected and knowledge shared from the start of the fund.

Because our partner the Manufacturing Institute’s Make It Campaign is a beneficiary of the fund and has secured funding for more new and repeated contact events across the NW, I was invited to deliver the keynote for Make It and get the message out there about what Make It is and how it works with schools and young people.

In a packed programme – opened by Rt Hon Nicky Morgan the Education Secretary and Lord Young the Enterprise Advisor to the Government – I asked the question ‘What has manufacturing ever done for us…?’

Lord Young announced a partnership between the Careers and Enterprise Company and the National Citizenship Service to create and promote a new Enterprise Passport. He also said “I have NEVER met a successful person without a positive attitude” – which is something he and I agree on wholeheartedly!

You can see all the Twitter action from the event at #CECJoiningthedots or look at our tweets at @EnterpriseSBox