Workshop and Resource Design

Does your business need support or creative input when working with your staff, customers or other stakeholders – maybe a challenge, some training and development or a fundraiser?

That’s where we can help! Our skills in developing business training, leadership and team development or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities like those described above have helped businesses support their wider stakeholders for many years.

Helping Make It, make it!

Since 2007, we have been integral to the Manufacturing Institute’s Make It campaign across the UK and overseas as it engages young people in Manufacturing as an exciting and professional place to work in the future – we explore careers, job roles, creativity and enterprise skills in the annual challenge competition sponsored by various manufacturer. IE has designed and delivered all of the challenge contents for Global Manufacturers such as these:

  • Kellogg’s – what will the new cereal and production line look like?
  • Rolls Royce – how will turbines be used to increase eco-efficiency?
  • BAE Systems – what will the future of rescue look like for people?
  • Jaguar | Land Rover – how will we travel efficiently in future?
  • Siemens – how will we power the world in public spaces?
  • SHARP – how will renewable technology power the world?
  • Commercial Vehicle Show – what will future logistics look like?