The Perils of Accidental Entrepreneurship is a workshop or keynote speech designed to show that it’s never too early or too late to start a business…it’s just better if it can be planned! Bernie is pictured above speaking entrepreneurship to the HRH the Duke of York at a Pitch at the Palace Event in the UAE. Even if it’s not planned, success in Entrepreneurship can come in many ways. The sessions take the topic of entrepreneurship and introduces it to people in a humorous and motivational way by Bernie from the IE Core Team.

Developing skills and progression in people is our forte and using our own real-life examples, set backs and successes – in other peoples’ businesses and in the world of entrepreneurship – we inspire people to consider their REAL options for self-focused employment in this age of fluctuating economic activity and ever-increasing skills.

So what are these ‘Perils’ we talk about..?

Passion – you need it to start this journey / love what you do.

Enterprise – skills to progress your idea

R… – come on, you didn’t think we’d give you all the secrets did you?

Please contact us to see what we could do for you – opening a conference, starting a careers day at school, college or University or speaking at your Networking, Chamber or Rotary clubs – we have experience of delivering a relevant and tailored session for your audience.

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*This workshop was the keynote session

For the RBS Youth Enterprise workshops

Across Cumbria in Autumn 2014.