We have been delivering Summer School programmes for the past decade in Secondary Schools and University settings.
Our Summer Schools combine all the elements designed into our enterprise workshops and resources with added fun and flexibility. Whether you’re looking for drop-down days, enterprise challenges, arts or creative days or even days where the students design and build eco cars or the homes of the future, your students are bound to have a great time and your teachers will have support in helping young people navigate their new friendship groups or make friends with older pupils.
Working in secondary schools we are often asked to deliver our engaging workshops alongside teachers…we inspire and engage the new Year 7s while teachers are able to observe the students and how they interact in order to identify any learners with additional pastoral or learning support needs.
There may be plans to do some COVID catch-up sessions for KS3 or KS4 students or even some Post-16 pre-work and again we can help with this, delivering business simulations, personal finance workshops and presentation skills and interview preparation sessions.
Our University Summer Schools allow organisation like Oxford Royale Academy to both support and extend learning opportunities for their students as well as occasionally provide evening activities which are fun and educational.
Get in touch if we can help on: info@innovativeenterprise.co.uk or Bernie on 07946 390833.
Here are Kerry and Dan from Malet Lambert in Hull explaining why they love working with us: