Enterprise Soapbox (or SoapScience as it is also known) is our most popular workshop because it does everything you want from an Enterprise, business or STEM day, or half day, or 2 hour session, or project…

It’s a flexible cross-curricular workshop where your students, staff, guests or team work together to imagine, plan, design, manufacture, package, promote and even pitch their own REAL soap product.

Working with realistic business roles and aims, the team become a business for the session and they need to work together as a team to produce their best results. As a business simulation, Enterprise Soapbox works so well because creativity, practicality, design, finance and leadership are all needed under time pressures

The workshop can be used in a variety of situations in schools, colleges and business environments:

-As an Enterprise Day session for up to 250 students

-As a way to explore business, science and STEM jobs with young people

-As a brilliant creativity and innovation tool for businesses

-As a 2 hour workshop tool during an Assessment Centre for new staff

-As a fundraising activity for a community group or centre

-As a business start-up activity during a boot-camp or innovation event.

Basically, it’s a hands-on, fun, very flexible creative and business workshop that we have delivered over 600 times in many different locations, formats and with people as diverse as 4 year olds, Global Leaders, school and college students and an 82 year old blind lady…so, YES – we can make it work for you!