NetSupport Corporate: Bernie speaks about male allyship and toxic masculinity in the workplace.

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I was delighted to be asked to share my expertise on NetSupport’s Corporate podcast with Kat Cauchi earlier in the year where we talked about the ways men can be allies to women in the workplace, about unhealthy (sometimes called ‘toxic’) masculinity and controlling behaviour in both intimate partnerships and in workplaces.

We Are All Culture – so If we want workplaces to be safer for everyone, then we all need to play a role in making that happen.

We had a great conversation and you can see the video of the podcast HERE.

Kat is an award winning Community Engagement Manager and was a winner in the 2023 #TechWomen100 Awards as well as editing R.I.S.E. Magazine written BY and FOR educators in all age groups and disciplines.

You Can find Kat on Twitter / X at @ReallySchoolK and @NetSupport_Corp