New Year, new strings to the bow…

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On 17th January I was asked to Chair the Education Conferences UK event online ‘Tackling Harmful Sexual Behaviours in Schools’ with dozens of attendees and some true experts in the field to help schools manage the increasingly prevalent issue of harmful sexual behaviour. 

A balanced approach covered Primary, Secondary, special schools and FE and beyond. Experts shared tools and techniques for identifying, assessing and managing incidents of inappropriate behaviour and included views and approaches for all stakeholders including not just teachers and students but also parents, governors and other members of the wider educational community.

Chairing was something I’d not done before so was slightly nervous about as (like all of us) I’ve experienced good and really bad hosting before now – especially as part of online conferences. So instead of worrying, I reflected on my skill set, what I’ve seen as good performances from hosts and chairs and did some solid preparation: 

  • spoke to the team behind the conference and we had a set-up meeting to go through the digital logistics for the day
  • read the bios and get familiar with the speakers
  • practiced any difficult words / names to pronounce and distilled their intros to the essential
  • wrote the timings down in big numbers in UK and European time as I was hosting from France
  • disconnected and re-connected the wifi to make sure it was fresh and the cashes were empty
  • shut down my laptop PROPERLY and got the caches cleared
  • made sure I planned coffee breaks, snacks and water.

I’m delighted to say that the speakers were all available, on time, well-rehearsed and professional and took questions from the delegates either throughout via the chat or at the end in their 5 minute slot.

I’m also delighted with the feedback that we received for the conference, for my slot on ‘Gender inequality and the impact of P0rn and influencers” and as my role as Chair. The organisers were also pleased because I’m doing it again in May on the 7th – the info is here.

Some feedback

What was your overall impression of the conference?

So much info – useful resources – well structured and varied

Very well rounded and thorough

Very informative

Very informative

Well delivered and put together. Informative.

Very informative with practical advice from schools

Great speakers, practical, relevant, inspiring

Very useful. Presenters really knew their stuff. Thanks

Well facilitated, well run, useful information

Excellent, A lot of information to process. 

Feedback for Chair – Andrew Bernard

Nice punchy intros for each person.

Held the whole day together really well, great time keeping, communication, great.

Great style. I appreciated the relaxed approach of someone who clearly knows his stuff.

Very well run, clear and kept to timings

Kept the sessions moving and on time.



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Tackling Sexual Behaviour in Schools