What Makes A Man / (Hu)Man feedback.

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In the first week of December we worked in three schools in the far South West of the country – St Ives, Cape Cornwall and Hayle – for a single academy group.

In total I worked with around 700 students in 9 workshops and around 40 staff in a CPD session around challenging stereotypes, looking at positive masculinity, relationships and the increase in issues around controlling behaviour, abuse and harassment amongst young people. 

Despite having a tooth removed the day before the first day of sessions I had an absolute blast, answered some great and challenging points from students at all sites and went away feeling hopeful about the future with young people aware of their responsibilities to themselves and others to be empathetic, thoughtful and open to change.

I received this feedback from the Head of Safeguarding across the trust which I’m proud to share with you :

“Dear Bernie, I just wanted to say a huge thank you from all 3 schools for your sessions this week. The messages you deliver can be hard to hear for both students and staff, but you deliver it in a way that gives hope and develops aspiration for change.  Your presentations are challenging and thought-provoking; their messages are not ones that fade as soon as students leave the room, but will remain as a positive and supportive voice in their ear as they grow and develop”. 

R.W. HoS.

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