An hour to change lives.

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We have a variety of sessions which can be delivered virtually in an hour – perfect for a carousel day or a few sessions with specific year groups. Each of them can be tailored to meet the needs of the specific year group we’re working with and include lots of interactivity and engagement – we don’t just do “talking at”! Have a look below at the sessions we can deliver virtually or face-to-face and at the end there’s a link to the sessions we deliver in person over a longer period of time. 

It’s your choice but you know how a powerful hour can change someone’s life.

  1. LAUNCH Yourself is a powerful session for Year 10s as they move towards Year 11 AND Year 11s as they prepare to move ahead…it was originally designed for young people like me (I was distracted and had a terrible attitude at school so drifted for many years) in order to help them come to a more positive approach to themselves and their futures. Works well as an hour and can then be built on with tutor / PSHE time.

  1. Sarah’ Legacy: Domestic Violence. It’s been updated recently to focus more on appropriate behaviours and how students can support one another to behave more appropriately and challenge unhelpful actions and attitudes, as well as how to help one another in case anything inappropriate has happened.

  1. Build Your Ladder takes a number of the elements and tools from my book The Ladder and allows students to use them and support their own development through understanding their skills and abilities. The CASK (Continuum for the Acquisition of Skills and Knowledge) asks us to see academic prowess alongside the personal skills we develop and start to value them both. If a young person is aware of, and proud of their skills they are going to be more confident and chose better pathways and careers in the future.

  1. Life By The Balls is an informative and illuminating (and funny) session about testicular cancer for both boys and girls. It highlights what happened to me as a young man and the importance of taking responsibility for  our own health.

If you’re not limited to one-hour sessions or want to look for content for your drop-down days then please see the link here to a number of really fun and popular activities for us to run face-to-face this term or in summer schools which can be delivered with 120 students:

Whether you’re looking for something for now or for a summer school or for next term, we can help.

Get in touch.