My REAL Family: Online Keynotes National Adoption Week.

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My REAL Family is a keynote session all about adoption and they are happening During Adoption Week.

It’s perfect for KS3, KS4 and Sixth form and will be delivered live on Zoom and can be beamed into your classrooms for a PSHE / RSE or virtual assembly. (Designed for National Adoption Week but available at any time to suit your school’s timetable).

What happens when everything you think you know isn’t quite as it seems?

Recently I’ve been thinking about adoption. I was adopted at 6 months but didn’t find out until I was 17, in an argument with my mum. 

I used the revelation as another excuse to go off the rails as a teenager. 

It was convenient to blame someone else for my behaviour (taking responsibility wasn’t a big thing for me when I was younger). 

It brought up loads of things for me (and my sister who was also adopted) about trust, respect and keeping secrets. 

I’ve designed a 30 minute session to talk abut adoption and the gratitude I felt when I reflected on my early life chances and you can find out whether I eventually found my birth mother.

Click on the photo below for a short intro video and please get in touch if I can help your #PSHE and #RSE curricula in any way – not just in Adoption Week!

In addition, one of my fiction stories ‘Where Are You Really From’ is available as part of the Back Row Boys series of books, collected in this paperback book.

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My REAL Family