Cutting it fine…

Procrastination…I’ve been putting this blog off for a while.

Some of us like to get ahead.

Some of us like to get things done ‘in good time’.

Some of us like to ‘cut it fine’.

But…some of us wait until the last dying seconds of the deadline are scratching at the blackboard of destiny, their screeches deafening and, frankly, competing with the increasing pitch and pace of our heartbeats and interfering with the completion of the task.

That’s me.


I’ve known this for some time but haven’t vocalised it so accurately before.

Yes, I’ve talked about dithering and being distracted, finding it hard to concentrate and making excuses…but the realisation has hit me hard recently.

What have I done about it?

  1. Gone away on holiday.
  2. Made an effort to get to bed earlier.
  3. Focused on the urgent / important things.
  4. Been more conscious of my strategies to avoid things I need to do.
  5. Started each day by not going straight to my phone.
  6. Listened to less Radio 4 Today Programme.
  7. Listened to Audio Books.
  8. Walked the dog without my phone with me.
  9. Tried to Just Do It more often when I have an idea.
  10. Made notes when I have an idea – audio, paper, text notes – and then reflected on them.
  11. Become absorbed with solving a knotty vintage engineering problem my wife has created for us by buying a Hattersley Harris Tweed Loom.

However, I am still working on starting the next BIG PROJECT I am working on which is writing a BOOK!

Yes, I procrastinated about telling the world about my contract with Crown House to write Sending The Ladder Back Down – strategies and tools for teachers (and all adults) to support young people in their career thinking, aspiration and development.

It’s based on over a decade working with young people, my TEDx Talk    and has been made possible through the support, network  and encouragement of Ian Gilbert from Independent Thinking, my family and my friends and colleagues at National Careers Week.

Right, I’m glad that’s off my chest…time to get down to some writing…