On feeling lucky…a reflection on 2018.

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I’m a lucky man.

In the frantic times of the academic year it sometimes doesn’t feel like it though, but I am lucky…we deliver workshops for young people in all forms of education, businesses and charities and people trust us to change lives.

2018 has been hectic, fun, chaotic, organised, reflective, mind-broadening, exciting, developmental and challenging and not necessarily in that order. Here’s a little look back over the year.

Over the past 12 months we have:

  • worked with 11,753 people
  • delivered 85 workshops
  • worked with 20 new client schools or charities
  • had 16 staff across the UK delivering our sessions
  • supported charities to develop staff and strategy
  • designed and delivered 3 completely new programmes
  • Launched CorporateSoapbox.co.uk
  • Supported work experience
  • Continued to develop and grow National Careers Week with some amazing friends, colleagues and partners

THIS is why we are lucky. Innovative Enterprise was set up with the aim of ‘Bringing The Future To Life’ for young people in education and staff within businesses in 2006 and I never dreamed we would still be doing the same in 2018. In new ways, in different countries and across all types of organisations.


  • Speaking at the Houses of Parliament in front of Emma Hardy MP, Tracy Brabin MP, Robert Halfon MP and the Head of Early Careers for RBS at the launch of National Careers Week 2018 with colleagues Ross, Stephen, Nick, Janet and Ken – see #NCW2018 for details.
  • Delivering CPD on Domestic Violence for NAPAC staff at their Head office in Stockport (NAPAC is the National Association for People Abused in Childhood).
  • Working alongside during the development sessions and riding the Prudential RideLondon46 with Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes and my good friend Jules Walker (former Royal Marine) on the wettest day in July 2018! (See pic with medals!)
  • Working with Cycling Projects Charity to help them develop strategy for the forthcoming five years.
  • Designing and Delivering a brand new Eco-Living CSR project as a partnership with BAE Systems, Mubadala and Masdar the Eco-City in the UAE…and delivering it in the UAE.
  • Delivering ‘Rule of Thumb’ my Domestic Violence talk in three new Independent School Clients.
  • Solidifying partnership relationships with more clients than ever – making clients into friends.
  • Working alongside some amazing people and developing some wonderful partnerships which will bear fruit in 2019 and beyond.

This is a BIG THANK YOU to everyone connected to Innovative Enterprise – clients, partners, staff members (yes, including you Joe even though you’ve deserted us to go and be a Ski Instructor in Canada – and NO I’m not jealous at all) and the young people and participants we’ve worked with across all of our work.

Did you notice the thread in this blog?


People is what we are about.

Taking people on a journey, helping people with their vision, helping people discover their talents and helping have fun while doing all this.

With this in mind, have a brilliant Christmas break, spend it with the people you care about, make time to talk, walk and laugh. Watch terrible TV, eat too much and catch up on some sleep / sport / books / enjoyment / ironing / relationships…most of all be with the people you love and get some nourishment in…2019 is round the corner and for many reasons, we are going to need resilience in the year ahead.


Bernie. X


(*PS: I was joking about the ironing – watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ instead.)