Bernie Discovers Excellence!

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Bernie Discovers Excellence through Shingo.

Our Director, Andrew Bernie Bernard, is now a qualified ‘SHINGO Discover Excellence’ Assessor.

What this means is that Bernie attended a two-day workshop in February held by The Manufacturing Institute on becoming an assessor for the SHINGO Institute’s Manufacturing Excellence Programme. The training was held in a working factory – Coveris in Spalding – and we trainees were taught the 10 Shingo Guiding Principles of manufacturing excellence and then went out onto the shop floor to conduct three ‘Go, Look’ See’ exercises.

The SHINGO model was developed over a number of decades by Japanese manufacturing expert Shigeo Shingo and focuses on the creation of an Operational Excellence model of manufacturing based on the systems, behaviours, tools and leadership that lead to excellent results.

“We’ll use the learning and development from the SHINGO Discover Excellence assessor training course to continue to support and develop our manufacturing, corporate and educational clients’ staff and students as they move towards excellence”: said Bernie at the end of the course on 23rd February.

He also added: “I developed analytical skills, how to ask really good questions and refreshed my ability to give constructive feedback to those working hard to improve themselves and their colleagues”.

To find out more about how the Shingo model could be used in your workplace and to develop your staff skills let us know.


Bernie Certificate
SHNGO Discover Excellence Certificate