Enterprise Soapbox – a differentiation Case Study.

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The Achievement and Enterprise Coordinator at Our Lady and St Chad’s Academy in Wolverhampton – where we had previously worked – asked us if we could help with confidence and teambuilding with their more-able / academic students in KS3.

We put together an Enterprise Soapbox day which meant Yr 7 and 8 students from all backgrounds (inc 50% pupil premium learners) were mixed in teams of people they would not normally work with, or even know in some cases.

The Year 7 and 8 higher-ability students at the Catholic Academy were an absolute joy to work with. They showed great application to the tasks we set and they worked well in the allocated teams.

After an apprehensive and quiet start, the teams gelled over the challenge they were set and despite the lack of a ‘correct answer’ in the creative tasks set, all of the teams got behind their own company’s idea. Through the planning and manufacturing stage there were plenty of discussions over the best ways to approach the task but we were never in any doubt that a great outcome was their aim across the day.

The maths tasks were undertaken with gusto – one team even gave each other some maths puzzles to decide who was best placed to be the Finance Director for the day! Despite some complex concepts and figures, the teams came up with some well-argued finances and some profitable business plans. (As ever, we tailored the content to the needs and stage of the learners as well as the outcomes required – in this instance we created some more complexity and ‘surprise questions’ in their business pack).

When it came to packaging, branding and pitching the teams showed good creativity and excellent presentation skills. Despite their early years, those presenting and audience members all showed maturity and respect to one another listening to the 11 teams presenting to the entire room – speaking to 70+ people is not an easy task

Our two teacher judges had a challenge to decide on the winning teams but the two teams chosen for the top spot were excellent amongst excellence.

The Achievement Coordinator, Becky Gingell said “the staff told me the students were really respectful and did really well presenting. Thanks to you and Joe for the excellent delivery as usual, the day flew by and the pupils loved it. All have given some great feedback. Thank you”.

All in all a fantastic day of Enterprise Soapbox and a great range of #SparklingSoaps created and some business-starts of the future inspired!