What’s your choice?

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Sometimes we have too much choice – all at our fingertips. It’s all there for us to download, listen to, watch, order, buy, read any time we want.

Sometimes though, there’s less choice but the costs are higher if we make the wrong choices.








Take Action?

Don’t take action?

This list could apply to loads of different areas of our lives but for most of us at some point it relates to doing which is painful and for which we will have to wait for the result or outcome.

Start that Business?

Wait until the time is perfect?

Do the work now…or wait?

Well, as it is coming to exam time for students at all levels – GCSEs, AS Levels, A Levels, College Courses, Degrees – NOW is the time to do the work.

In the last blog where I talked about launching yourself through the revision season with the following thoughts:

– Schedule your time and activities.

– Sacrifice some socializing and treats (for now).

– Adapt your behaviours and focus and have the positive

– Attitude to push yourself towards success in whatever challenge you have on the horizon.

That’s not changed but the image at the head of the blog should help you think about the longer-term benefits of putting the work in now – just like the Muhammad Ali quote – as Richard G Scott said: “…don’t give up what you most want in life for what you think you want now.”

Yes it’s about deferring the pleasure, but it’s also about realizing your potential, boosting your self-esteem and building your worth and value for the future. That’s a great payoff for reducing your socializing now isn’t it?



Future focus
don’t give up what you want most for what you want now