Engineering Random Opportunities for Success

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It’s here! The TEDx talk I delivered at TEDxWhitahaven on 7th September has been approved and put onto the TED YouTube channel.

Featuring our work over the past 10 years, the title of the talk is Engineering Random Opportunities for Success and considers how businesses can work together with school to support the future aspirations, careers and achievements of young people through doing events funded by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budgets.

We feature some of the projects we’ve designed and delivered, some of the partners we are lucky enough to have worked with and also a survey we carried out for National Careers Week 2016.

Anyway, it’s here, please watch it and if you feel so inspired, share the link on social media.



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*PS: I also spoke at the Shared Services Forum UK Conference on 13th October at the Lowry in Salford on Diversity in the workforce and was made into a cartoon! [see pic!]