Enterprise Soapbox: supporting the Welsh Baccalaureate.

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Enterprise Soapbox workshop or resource and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Schools across Wales that are delivering the Welsh Baccalaureate (Bacc) have a requirement to deliver sessions on Work-Related Education (WRE) – section 6 of the Foundation and Intermediate Diplomas include the following “WRE components must address knowledge, understanding and skills as defined in the framework document, ‘Careers and the world of work: a framework for 11 to 19 year olds in Wales’”

In addition to 30 hours working with an employer, 15 hours need to be spent on a ‘Team Enterprise Activity’ – which is where we come in with the Enterprise Soapbox resource and workshop.

Testimonial from Jo Jones, Head of Welsh Bacc Heolddu School, Bargoed:
“Heolddu Comprehensive School in Bargoed recently introduced the Welsh Baccalaureate at Key Stage 4. We wanted to engage the pupils as well as provide them with a clear idea of the skills they would need to develop over the two year course. I contacted Innovative Enterprise to come in and deliver their Enterprise Soapbox Enterprise and Science workshop which clearly meets the requirements of the Welsh Baccalaureate. Year 9 took part in an exciting enterprise day. They worked in business groups developing their communication skills, team work and creativity and innovation skills. Every pupil was fully engaged throughout and they were able to pitch their business ideas effectively at the end of the day. The feedback from the pupils was excellent and they thoroughly enjoyed their ‘SoapScience’ experience.”

What are the aims of the WRE component?
– The main purposes of the WRE component are to enable candidates to gain an insight into the world of work and to become more enterprising and confident by taking part in an enterprise activity. Involvement in this component will give candidates the opportunity to investigate aspects of employment and to reflect on their experiences in planning their careers in a more realistic and informed way.
– Wider generic skills such as teamwork, problem solving, communication, planning and management will be developed in the course of following this component.
Specific requirements for Enterprise Skill development are outlined thus:
• the chance to work with others, and to develop more enterprising attitudes and approaches;
• realistic and relevant opportunities for using and developing Key Skills/Essential Skills Wales in a working environment;
• a better understanding of the scope for future careers and to begin to think more seriously about career intentions.

For more information, a quotation and or availability for us to come and bring your Welsh Bacc WRE module to life, please contact us on 0800 434 6424