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“People are much more than the sum of their qualifications.”

The above quote comes from Lord Young’s Enterprise for All report and I agree with it. This is quite a shock to me: agreeing with Tory Lords is not something that happens very often for me, if ever!

The report lays out the pathways his team found important in developing enterprise skills in young people and young adults as they develop through school, further and higher education towards their careers.

The report states: “it is difficult to exaggerate the importance of enterprise in all its forms in a modern economy”  – with 95.5% of UK firms employing less than 10 people, each one of those people needs to stand out – firstly to get a job and secondly to continue to develop their skills and the business itself.

Young people are more likely than the rest of the population to start their own business: the RBS Youth Enterprise Tracker reports that 55% of 18-30 year olds intend to start their own business, compared with 35% of the general population. 12% of people aged between 16-19 think that they are likely to become entrepreneurs too.

Our (IE’s) interpretation of Enterprise as being an attitude and motivation for success in all areas of life is also something that the report makes clear when it promotes: “Enterprise for All is about motivating young people to learn and excel in their education and to see the relevance of their studies…it is more than the creation of entrepreneurs”

We have always believed in enterprise skills being at the heart of people being successful – no one becomes happy and successful by sitting on the sofa watching re-runs of comedy shows. The ABCD of Enterprise is our methodology for developing enterprise thinking and it advocates tapping into these traints and behaviours for success:


Belief (in yourself)

Confidence and


All of our workshops and resources are built from these principles, updated and re-imagined with the benefit of Lord Young’s Enterprise for All and all delivered with passion and integrity, AND above all, the belief that ANYBODY can be successful regardless of their background and where they start from.

Wow, me agreeing with a Tory Lord who was in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet?

If that’s possible – what are YOU going to do to start your journey into enterprise today?


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