Change is inevitable, growth is optional.

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Welcome back after the Easter break, I hope you had a relaxing time? During our break we found time to tidy the office, throw out loads of outdated material, catch up on paperwork, relax, eat chocolate, visit Scotland, do some cycling, dog walking, have big garden bonfires and take up juicing as a way of fuelling our bodies in a more positive and beneficial way.

There was also time to design an entire new challenge for schools based on Commercial Vehicles! We also had a brilliant meeting with the partners on the MEEE project and decided on a way forward for the next 12 months following our meeting at Number 10 in March.

What I’m getting round to saying is that through having a bit more time to change the way the organisation and family works, we have been able to be achieve more, be more focused and generally be more effective. This was inspired by Martyn Reah and his #Teacher5aDay project on Twitter and has been a revelation to all of us connected to IE in recent weeks.

Every day we are bombarded with new stuff, Apps, music, work, technology, food, ‘new-improved’ versions of things we use every day – so where is the time to use, buy, eat, digest, understand this new stuff…? Well, we have to find the time – or not – to focus on the things that are important to us, our job and those we work with.

In the office this term, our mantra will be ‘prioritise, focus, balance’. Sometimes this will mean saying ‘no’ but mostly it will mean being more open, realistic and efficient with our work – and leisure – time.

Our #LAUNCH workshop supports exam-years students and helps with focus, priorities, understand their motivations and habits – we’ve decided as a business to take heed of our own advice and get more effective! (incidentally, #LAUNCH sessions in April and May are still discounted if your students need a last-minute dose of motivation!)

Let me know via @EnterpriseSBox on Twitter what you will be doing differently this term / season / week / month.