Shift the Mindset this Autumn.

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After the Summer Holidays are over and lie-ins are a thing of the past, exams results have brought joy or misery to your students and staff, you will be looking for some motivation to start the new year at school.

As ever, with something new and different, it can help to take a different approach, have a new focus and develop a different mindset. Personally, I like to read something different – this year I read Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘David & Goliath’ and ‘Outliers’ for a new take on things and it has given me a fresh insight into my approaches to Innovation (in its broadest sense) and working with people.

Maybe your exam-years students could use a boost as they enter year 10, 11, 12 or 13? In this light, so we developed #LAUNCH to help with this – its a mindset-development assembly or workshop to help your students get their heads around the challenges ahead and some strategies to support the requirements in class and private study as well as the revision ahead.

FAVE is a workshop and assembly that helps people to see what they need to do to aproach their futures. Reflecting on different stages of life, FAVE shows why the following things are ESSENTIAL:

Focus / Attitute / Value / Effort – and how when combining these elements in our day to day behaviours and habits we can succeed in the way we need to for brighter futures.

Both of these workshops have special prices at the present time and bookings in Autumn term (between September and Christmas) will be offered with these deals as long as they are booked before 30th September.