FAVE – favourite yourself!

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The FAVE Principle is launched!

Wherever we are – online: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Browsers – we’re asked to ‘favourite’ things. The little Gold star is given out all over the place with a click or tap on the screen. What does this mean? We have loads of favourites? Do we REALLY have lots of favourites or are we manipulated into thinking that there are loads of messages, pictures, jokes, sayings and endless ‘stuff’ that we should have as our ‘special stuff’.

Do you ever re-visit these so-called favourites?


Our latest keynote – delivered for the first time last week (to a business audience for the Furness Enterprise Celebrating Success event) has now been developed into a school-based workshop for students. (In fact we used the FAVE principle to help create the content for the FAVE workshop and worksheets!)

If 75% of young people 14-15 are taking a tablet computer or smartphone to bed, nearly half ‘addicted to the internet’ they have the opportunity to LIKE or FAVOURITE YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine and SnapChat to infinity whilst all the time missing out on the opportunity for reflection and self-development.

Thinking about yourself objectively is really hard to do as an adult. As a teenager it’s nigh-on impossible as you feel the pressure from peers, adults, teachers and the media to be, feel and behave in certain ways. FAVE means looking at 4 key elements to success – Focus, Attitude, Value (your moral-compass and your practical value) and Effort – and how they all combine to support positive thinking styles and develop peoples’ sense of self.

What if we taught people to FAVE themselves for a change…?