BBC Staff ‘FAVE’ Bernie’s Keynote!

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On 9th September we were delighted to be asked to speak to staff at the BBC in New Broadcasting House. in London. Toby Mildon at the BBC arranges a monthly Staff CPD session after work and his database of 400+ staff is growing month by month. He enlists members of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) to ensure the quality of the events and creates an Eventbrite page for each session.

As a Fellow of the PSA I delivered my new FAVE keynote to the audience of excited BBC staff on a sunlit Tuesday evening in Central London and the audience seemed to really enjoy the session which challenged them to assess their Focus; Attitude, Value and Effort and consider their level of happiness using the Wheel of Life!

Here’s what Toby said about the event:

“Bernie is a phenomenal speaker with his humour and outlook on life shining through.  He has such great ‘stage presence’ and flawless story telling.  As a young lad, Bernie was a bit of a misfit and as he grew up taking on life’s challenges, he grew into an inspiring role model.

Bernie is one of few men who I believe authentically inspires young people to harness their entrepreneurial spirit (as he does through his business, Innovative Enterprise).  Bernie delivered his talk to my BBC colleagues and everyone thoroughly enjoyed his FAVE keynote speech.

He had us hooked from his first words and lit up the audience (at the end of a tiring day)”.

Thank you Toby.    Here is Toby’s Soundcloud recording of the FAVE workshop for you to enjoy.



Toby Mildon from the BBC.