In late 2015 we were asked to develop a six month coaching scheme for Sixth Form students in London which will take place between January and July 2016.

Always keen to work with the wider community, the Prudential partnered up with us and the Transformation Trust to help staff from all levels of the Pru to work with a group of 60 Year 12 students (aged 16-17) and support their personal development through monthly lunchtime sessions with the employees at the City Offices of the Insurer.

We designed a series of six sessions – including training for the 30 staff who signed up – so that the young people could be mentored in the sessions as part of a development group. The mixing of ages, experiences, skills and aspiration is all covered in the activities which we’ll facilitate for the professionals so that they can share their skills as fully as possible.

Students will complete the programme with fab CVs, improved confidence, interview skills and practice and an insight into many of the job roles in professional services.