The RecyClothes Show is exactly as it sounds – a fun workshop based on creating a fashion show from recycled clothes and materials. Simple!

Gema Ensenat – That Girl Off the Telly / Gema Sew & Sew – an experienced TV presenter, Sky One announcer, radio personality and Clothing re-purposer works her magic with your students and creates a REAL fashion show in a day or half day of PSHE and creative magic! Gema – also a qualified teacher – takes students through the creative process and gives them some ideas on fashion, fads and clothing through the decades…and then it’s their turn!

Here’s what Gema says about the RecyClothes Show and why she LOVES delivering it:

Obviously I love making things – it’s what I blog about, and present shows on, globally… but this goes much further than just ticking my boxes, creatively speaking! One of the main things I feel about this workshop, is that it’s inclusive – and has all students engaged with the activity, irrelevant of their background; I believe that comes about for lots of reasons. The premise is something they can all relate to, in terms of fashion – both their personal sense of style – whilst also discussing what’s hot, or not, in the global fashion markets. Then there’s the fact they get to run riot creatively speaking – which is not something they TRULY get to achieve, for the majority of the time, in creative exercises set elsewhere. It’s also not testing their academic ability – so the students who are less participative in ‘normal’ curriculum activities feel they get an equal chance to shine – building confidence through expression.
The RecyClothes Show covers many elements… Expressive Arts, through their making skills, and catwalk show… Design and Technology with their wild creations, and problem solving… and also Social Studies – the impact of their fashion footprint on the world, and how to ultimately lead a greener lifestyle…

All-in-all, the sense of achievement the students get from taking part, in what is ostensibly a lesson in living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, gives everyone involved the feelgood factor!”

HOW DOES IT WORK? Students work in teams on a couple of outfits for team members over the course of a chaotic (controlled of course) couple of hours the models’ outfits take shape and along with some training they learn how to strut their stuff. Culminating in a fashion show that the students won’t forget, this is how the RecyClothes Show brings vintage fashion to life!

The fashion designs shown below were made by students in about 2 hours with Gema’s expert help!

rcs-ora2 rcs-ora1