We often believe income generation is something only men need to worry about in this world but with the rise in female solopreneurs this workshop will smash those dated stereotypes and explore ways that girls can create a stronger more confident attitude to money, value and self worth. Julie will talk about her upbringing in a single parent family and the limiting stories she was told about what she could earn as a women. She will then discuss candidly how she navigated a diverse career which now sees her leading a global enterprise where the limits to wealth creation are unlimited. Exploring simple concepts like accumulative saving, leveraging time vs effort, and the role of technology and social media in building huge platforms of customers willing to buy products and services. This workshop will look at some of the huge inequalities that still exists, find solutions and prepare girls to be the creators and guardians of their own wealth.

Building a Happier Me – A Body Confidence & Wellbeing workshop for girls and women.


In a world obsessed with how we look as women, this workshop looks at ways of focussing on all round wellbeing and the small steps girls can take to be happier and healthier each day. Julie illustrates how she has mobilised an army of adult women to change their lifestyles by caring less about judgement, and using social media and technology to create peer accountability and support networks. We will be focussing on how you feel about yourself (the real you) rather than how you feel about the body which houses you (the curated you) and devise coping strategies for the barrage of negative influences that are around us on a daily basis. Through the workshop we will dispel myths about the dieting and exercise industry, and look instead at how setting big fat stupid fitness goals even if you are not sporty, can be a great way to build, confidence and self esteem. This is about building resilience and good habits for life.