What is it like to do a TEDx talk?

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WOW – I’ve done it! I’m a TEDx speaker. Firstly, my thanks to Dianne and Luke Richardson who invited me to speak at TEDxWhitehaven on 7th September. Alongside a stellar and varied cast of speakers I delivered a completely new … Continued

Thought for today.

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‘DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT’. Sheryl Sandberg.   A deliberately short post – now go and get on with something useful.

My favourite TED talk…

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My favourite TED talk. As I lead up to my debut as a TEDx Speaker at TEDxWhitehaven I’ve been asked to blog about my favourite TED talk.I have to confess, I’ve not watched hundreds of TED talks, not even dozens, … Continued

Anger: What is it good for?

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We had it in the palm of our hands. We so nearly held onto it. We let it go. We snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. No, I’m not talking about the Euro 16 tournament where England served up … Continued

Press Release – Bernie named as part-owner of NCW and CareersBox.

New owners and management for National Careers Week Aiming to become the ‘Google’ of careers education UK 25th April 2016 A new consortium, of individuals and organisations today announces the acquisition of National Careers Week and Careersbox from Careersbox Limited. … Continued