In April 2015, Bernie was asked to deliver the keynote speech and presentation for the Teens and Toddlers Awards evening at the National Football Museum in Manchester.

Teens and Toddlers is a National Charity that works with Year 10 students to help them gain skills, confidence and maturity whilst supporting a pupil at a local Primary School.

The Awards evening is a chance for the successful students to receive their certificates, celebrate success and consider then next stages of their lives.

Bernie’s LAUNCH keynote [link to page7] was a great 15 minute motivational talk – focusing on what happened when he received his (terrible) exam results and what that meant for him in terms of decisions to make and paths to follow.

Here is some feedback about the session for the 400+ graduating students, first from Michelle Farrell-Bell the NW Director: “Hi Bernie, Just wanted to say many thanks for a great performance last night. Everybody really enjoyed it. I have been hearing from the team this morning just how many young people said they enjoyed your presentation. Thank you” …and this from Sandra Brobbey from the London office in a tweet: “Good to meet to you too Bernie. Your talk at ‪@TeensandTodds graduation event was captivating & inspiring.”