Looking for Connections.

Quiz time:

Q: What do the following words have in common?







A1: They are all featured in our #YourEnterpriseAlphabet cards as definitions.

A2: They spell BUILD as an acronym.


Building (see what I did there!?) on our turn of the year blog about Building The New after the Socrates Quote, I thought I’d see what our YEA Cards (the Mindset cards) gave us when we spelled BUILD with them.

I’m delighted with the results:

Belief – without self-belief it’s harder to start a new project and very difficult to keep going when there are setbacks.

Understanding – the key to harmony is getting to know other people; also without the research and knowledge of a problem we can’t set our sights on delivering an appropriate solution.

Interest – sometimes, let’s face it, it’s tough getting excited about work, studying and doing tasks we’re not that into. By engaging our brains and dedicating ourselves to finding something new and interesting in our day-to-day activities we can deliver them with more passion. So, what’s new?

Learning – the keystone to self-development is learning…having an open mind, listening and watching avidly allows to learn and apply new thinking.

Decisiveness – one way or another, we are called upon to make decisions in our lives – day-in, day-out – in our personal and professional life. When we are indecisive we give others the permission to make decisions for us and if we are unsure about our values or beliefs, decisions also become harder. Being able to make decisions – and stick to them – is a really valuable skill.

These Mindset Skills are key to success in any area of life…it just happens they are a perfect way to spell out BUILD – our motto for the year.

What are you building and what skills will you need?



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