Plans without action are useless

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“Obstacles are those frightful things that you see when you take your eyes off your goal” – Henry Ford


This half term will mainly be about getting your students ready for their mocks and real exams. Be they GCSEs, AS, A levels or BTECs you have a group of people you’re working with who need to motivate themselves to do something they don’t want to do.

Some will design some amazing charts, wall planners, timetables and revision cards. Some won’t.

Some will look at past papers and do online quizzes. Some won’t.

No matter what efforts you out in as a teacher or leader, some of your charges won’t ever do the work required for exam success.

When there are 100s of distractions to keep one’s attention it’s tough to stick to that plan, schedule or timetable.

The main thing I tell young people isn’t to worry about the exams and panic about them – that’s useless. We work in the ‘bigger picture’ and ask them to focus on themselves 5 or 10 years ahead and then look at their plans…doing a dozen exams now will seem so small when they look back ten years into the future.

We help young people see their exams as stepping stones rather than speed bumps. Bear in mind that the thing that makes stepping stones meaningful is looking into the future and seeing where the steps are leading.

Big picture milestones and future planning will help students put these exams into context – they’re an investment in their future.

You know that.

We know that.

Sometimes it takes someone who’s felt the pain of underachievement to bring the big picture to life.

Our #LAUNCH programme does the above and reinforces your messages.