RBS Inspiring Enterprise Cumbria 2014

Inspiring Youth Enterprise? Its in our DNA!  

About 9 months ago I caught up with a contact of mine at BiS in London at the Enterprise in Schools Conference run by the excellent Gary Durbin from Enterprise Village.

We hadn’t seen each other for about 5 years and as a direct result of that re-connection we offered a competition to Cumbrian Schools to win an Enterprise Soapbox (our business in a box kit) for their Primary and Secondary school.

We followed up the competition (you can see the review from winners James Rennie Special School here) with a meeting and here, in September and October we are delivering a new keynote ‘The perils of being an Accidental Entrepreneur’ and carousel workshops on Innovation across Cumbria in the next three weeks.

It’s an absolute privilege to be working with a number of professionals from business at Furness Enterprise Centre, banking (RBS and NatWest) and self-employment to deliver carousel workshops for more than 1,000 young people in the five corners of Cumbria to enthuse and excite them about the possibilities on offer in self-employment and enterprise.

The event isn’t about selling the benefits of business instead of an academic route, the event highlights many of the reasons to consider creating your own job, if your ideal job doesn’t exist (or isn’t available locally to you)! Even if a young person isn’t destined for self-employment, these sessions will provide the enterprise skills that employers are looking for.

Building on the academic excellence of Cumbria’s schools, we will inspire, enthuse and create passion in our young people to follow their ideas and dreams towards a career that suits them.

Remember: Good things come to those who wait work their arses off and never give up!

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