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Primary Enterprise Soapbox kit


SKU: A004


This is our Primary Deep Blue Soapbox kit, as per the basic kit but with a set of five KS2 maths-based lesson plans which focus on health, water use and learning the numbers behind these topics.


The Enterprise Soapbox kits have been designed for secondary and primary schools, colleges and organisations to have fun making soap, start a business and learn about science. We designed the cross-curricular kits to be really fun and flexible, so come with loads of plans and ideas for use.


There are four kits for different purposes all based on the same elements which are pictured in the main photo below. The volume of materials in each kit is enough to make up to 700 novelty soaps or 150 standard sized bars using the melt and pour method which is safe for anyone to use following the instructions in the kit and the demonstration film here:


Here are the ingredients of the basic kit which forms the basis of the Enterprise Soapbox range:


  • 70 page colour Handbook on USB stick in PDF format – including sections on Science, Enterprise, Environment and Design & Technology, lesson plans, curriculum linking and 70 ideas for use.
  • 11Kg tub of soapbase (animal-free)
  • 3 x food-safe colours – blue, red, yellow
  • 3 x cosmetic-grade perfumes – lavender, baby powder, cedarwood
  • large mould selection
  • novelty mould selection
  • jug
  • spatula