Julie Creffield is an author, speaker and entrepreneur from Stratford in East London. She grew up in a single parent family of 6 siblings and was told she would amount to nothing by many of the adults around her. Despite this and not being particularly academic she was the first to go to university in her family where she earned herself a first class degree, before heading back to East London to work with disadvantaged young people using the arts to explore their lives. Julie’s own life changed a few years later when the Olympics came to town and she found herself managing volunteers in preparation for the games and slowly but surely becoming an expert on anything and everything to do with London 2012, cultural policy, sports development, community engagement…but it was not all good news, having been made redundant 3 times in 10 years, the final time she decided to start up her own business inspiring others to change their lives.
Julie is currently the Founder and CEO of Too Fat to Run a global business that helps overweight women survive and then thrive in the world of running, delivering online coaching and support programmes to clients on every continent of the world. She also works as a professional keynote speaker talking about Setting Big Fat Stupid Goals in life and business, using her unorthodox approach to striving for and reaching success, using her Going the Distance System.