Amanda Brasher has been researcher with the University of Portsmouth’s Breast Health Group for more than five years. She is the daughter of Chris Brasher, co-founder of the London Marathon and Olympic Gold Medallist. Taking after her mother Shirley Brasher, who won three grand slam titles, Amanda played junior tennis to a high level and is now passionate about keeping young girls involved in sport. Amanda was a buyer for the Independent Sports Retailer, Sweatshop for more than twenty years. She was involved in the breast health training of all Sweatshop staff across the UK and has seen first-hand how a correctly fitting bra can change how a woman feels about her body. Amanda is now responsible for leading the University’s “Breast Education Initiative for Schoolgirls” running secondary school workshops that aim to eliminate pain, reduce embarrassment and teach good bra fit habits for life, both for everyday life and sport.

Amanda is married with three teenage children, who have rather begrudgingly had to get used to her pointing out bad bra fit while out and about!